Why We Love Lazybones

We’re constantly striving to be as ethical and sustainable as we can.
That’s when we met Lazybones. They design using vintage patterns and unique prints but their ethos is to create pieces using organic fabrics in a fair trade certified factory in India.

17 years ago they realised the importance of operating in a more socially and ecologically responsible way so they gained fair trade certification and started using only organic cotton. They spent time in India viewing all parts of the processes and began using organic cotton that is grown in a way that lessens the impact on our environment. It replenishes and maintains soil fertility, building biologically diverse agriculture. Organic cotton uses far less water too and is grown with natural fertilisers free from toxic chemicals.
Cotton is a natural plant based fibre – soft, absorbent , non-allergenic, durable and breathable

It was an easy decision to stock their clothing and now you can be part of positive change too!

Shop and save the planet with Lazybones…